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Why offer sugared almonds... A story of love and forever

Greek mythology tells the love story of Prince Demophon and Princess Phyllis.
Madly in love, they were supposed to get married, but shortly before their marriage, Demophon had to leave. He promised the princess that he would return in time for their wedding, but he failed to keep his promise. Princess Phillis died of despair. Touched by the love she had for her prince, the gods reborn her in the form of an almond tree. The tree has become the symbol of "eternal love."

It was an apothecary from Verdun, in 1220, who had the idea of cooking almonds, coated in sugar and honey, to make them easier to transport and preserve. The sugared almond was born. Sugared almonds were offered to kings and queens, as well as to all members of the royal family. Queen Catherine de' Medici made the sugared almond known in all the great courts of Europe. 

 From this fame, it is displayed at weddings as a guarantee of health, happiness, fertility, longevity and prosperity for the newlyweds, in return for which they offer it as a souvenir of their wedding to their guests.

This is how the sugared almond has become a MUST-HAVE AND LUCKY actress of WEDDINGS!

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